Health Counseling and Coaching

With over twenty years of experience in medical social work, with experience in large and small hospitals and hospice work, Alan is very familiar with the problems people encounter in dealing with illness and the medical system.

Alan has experience with patients with:

  • cancer and other terminal diseases
  • chronic lung problems and respiratory failure
  • AIDS
  • cardiac (heart) disease
  • arthritis
  • conditions requiring surgery

Many times, the particular illness not only has an impact on the patient, but the whole family. Stress and worry can often be a result for not just the person hospitalized, but there can be problems in coping and dealing with doctors and hospitals that the caregiver experiences.

Health coaching for teaching patients and families on how to:

  • talk with physicians and therapists
  • increase coping with an illness
  • deal with hospitals and billing
  • find support and help at home

Complementary Medicine:

Many patients, after trying standard (allopathic) medicine, want to look into the area of alternative and complementary medicine. Alan has had a wide exposure to different alternative practices and can help you find the right treatments to add to your standard medical treatment. Possible options we can talk about and find referrals for are:

  • Herbal remedies and who to see about them
  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic care
  • Feldenkrais lessons
  • Structural Therapy
  • Alexander Technique
  • Energy healing
  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy
  • Brain wave biofeedback
  • Different methods of counseling and psychotherapy
  • Stress reduction programs