Astrotherapy (Astrological Counseling and Psychotherapy)

is a combination of astrology (ancient symbolism and wisdom) and modern psychotherapy. The basic premises of astrotherapy are:

  • change happens all the time
  • astrology gives us a map of the ongoing changes and where they came from
  • learning to take advantage of the waves of change can enhance and smooth our way    in  life
  • ancient wisdom and knowledge is applicable today
  • modern understandings of the mind complement our traditional understandings

How Astrotherapy works:

Astrotherapy sessions include the use of your astrological birthchart and will teach you about yourself without jargon or complex technical language. We use the chart as the starting point for a discussion of yourself, your early life and your current challenges. This usually takes at least three sessions where we focus on how the parts of your mind and life interact, your strengths and weaknesses and finally, the current patterns of change.

We work together to set goals about what you want in life and to find the easiest path towards those goals, while keeping in mind the astrological climate of your life and the strengths you already have but may not have thought of using.

Both modern psychotherapy (especially Solution Focused Therapy) and ancient astrology know that change is happening all the time, but we may be “stuck” in a particular patter that doesn’t allow us to see and use the positive opportunities that we have. Various methods of change, including coaching techniques, body centered psychotherapy, NLP and hypnosis are all methods possible to help redirect your efforts in the best way possible. Astrological symbolism is a powerful tool for find the pathway to make yourself more of who you want to be.

For more about Astrotherapy, see my two websites: more on the history and what happens in an astrotherapy session. a blog on astrotherapy and astrology in general