Fannish Therapy?
Sure, why not?

How many counselors would understand you if you said:

I was smofing with the chair outside the consuite with some other fen, when an Imperial Stormtrooper ran after some neos and disappeared in the gopher hole.  I looked at him and said “FIAWOL”

The truth of the matter is:  Fans have their own subculture, a unique perspective on the world as well as experiences of living a community with great diversity in interests, religions, philosophies and activities.   Feeling as though someone understands you and where you are coming from is the essential first step in working with someone to break out of the blocks in your life.

Fen have common concerns because of their common culture, typically:

How do I handle mainstream (mundane) society?
How do I cope with all these people less intelligent than me?
What can I do to feel more of who I should be, instead of who people tell me to be?
How do I escape some of these ruts I’ve gotten myself into or even explain them to someone else?

OK, you made your point.  So, who are you and why are you doing this?

I have been in fandom since Minicon 12, back in the mid 70’s, worked on ConFusion and ConClave in Michigan and been the President of Stilyagi Air Corps, the U of M (Ann Arbor) SF club.  I’ve attended over 50 cons (I quit counting) and several worldcons.  I have also made Isaac Asimov speechless at one point.  I also want to work with more fans in my practice.

Aside from my practice in Chicago, I offer sessions in coaching and counseling worldwide via the internet using skype.